In keeping with our

new tradition at Christ the King,

we are dedicating the Recessional hymn

after each Mass to the Blessed Mother.

The Marian Hymn will change

throughout the year

according to the Church season.

Currently, our hymn is

Hail, Holy Queen.


Choir rehearsals have begun--

it's not too late to join!

Sign up below:

To participate in choir this Spring

you must be a registered parishioner

and sign up below.

LISTENING FOR 10AM Family mass

I Will Follow You

This featured song above

speaks a beautiful message...

My heart is steadfast oh God, and I

won't be led astray by the things

that simply will fade before your face

I will follow you

I'm wrapped in you

I belong to you

I was made for this, one thing

is to see and to seek your goodness

Take me by the hand and lead me

I have decided

and I have resolved in my heart

that I will go anywhere, anywhere

just to see your face

Moments may come when I feel so afraid

but I rest in the promise you made that

you will remain forever faithful

I will follow you

I'm wrapped in you

I belong to you

I will follow you

I'm wrapped up in you

I belong to you

I belong to you

These songs below

are played at the 10AM Mass also.

You can find lyrics by playing the videos.

Build My Life
King of My Heart