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It’s a bit hackneyed, but the expression, “I’m spiritual but not religious,” is certainly still in vogue. The phrase even has its own Wikipedia page and is apparently shortened by some to SBNR when used in reference to those who believe that the interior (spiritual) life and organized (communal and sacramental) religion are mutually exclusive.

Not long ago, the two were understood to be happily wed. To be religious meant you were living a spiritual life, and if someone referred to you as spiritual it was understood that you were also practicing some religion. As it is, the breakdown of formal societies, like the family, the school, and the State, has led also to a distrust of organized religion simply because it is organized; it is a formal society, and formal societies are out.

The trouble with this way of thinking is that it can alienate us from our humanity, because man, by his nature, is not only spiritual but also religious. We are not angels. Angels, because they are purely spirit, see God face to face. We, however, come to know God through the veil of the physical world and are therefore, by our nature, sacramental. That is, we experience the world through our senses and through signs.

This is why we not only like music, but also buy tickets to concerts. This is why we not only enjoy baseball, but also follow professional teams. This is why we not only feel love for a person, but also move in with one another. And this is why we not only believe in God, but also go to church. Liking music, enjoying baseball, and the feeling of love are spiritual realities. Going to concerts, wearing a team jersey, and physical intimacy are expressions of the religious sense.

To say, therefore, “I’m spiritual but not religious” is not enough for us. It will never satisfy us, because what it really means is, “I believe in God, but I don’t go to His concerts, follow His team, or live with Him.” There are many reasons for this kind of separation between a person’s spiritual and religious nature when it comes to the practice of faith, and can certainly be forgiven. But it is a separation nonetheless, an unhappy division.

In any case, if the human person has been created to love God and to worship Him for all eternity, then one can just see that this false dichotomy between our spiritual and religious life is precisely what the Risen Christ comes to heal, saying “Touch me and see; I am not a ghost; a spirit does not have flesh and blood.” That is, “Come and see. I am not only spiritual; I am also religious. I am a real human being.” This is satisfying. This is worthy of our humanity. +






Saint Therese [N.]

Saint Anthony [N.]

Saint Jude [N.]

The Holy Family [Louis Saccone +]

Sacred Heart of Jesus [N.]

The Blessed Mother [N.]

These large devotional candles, by each of the shrines in our church, burn for the whole week. Please contact Rose Ann Linko [ralinko@ctkrcc.org] at the parish office to dedicate any of these Memorials. The offering is $25.


Brick pavers in Our Lady's Prayer Garden are available to be engraved in memory of a loved one, to mark a special occasion, or commemorate a living person or family. The offering is $130.



by John Linge


Father Rob


Please keep in your prayers our intention to enter into contract with Eden II, an organization that provides education and care to the autistic community. This past week we began the next phase of finalizing and formalizing a lease agreement, as we intend to rent the first floor of our school building to them.


Awarding two $1,000 scholarships to high school seniors who are college-bound this fall. Applications are available at the Parish Office. The deadline for submission is April 30, 2021.

Lord Jesus Christ, King of our hearts,

have mercy on us!